Rollacoaster PR

The Story

The Story

On a cold January morning in the Mayfair area of London, I started a long-term relationship with the Stella McCartney press office.


Through my work with Stella I quickly realized that with the right PR attitude, a spin-proof story and a dash of digital, PR can change everything.


Many PR agencies have caught themselves in physical showrooms, mass created press releases and local rather than global thinking.
With Rollacoaster I wish to do it differently.


I help brands from all over the world to position themselves and I work exclusively on The French Riviera, in UK and Denmark.


Through a rollercoaster journey focusing on the crispy story, long-lasting social relations and co-branding synergies, the aim is to hit what I call the S-effect.


I grant every brand with a voice – not just a logo, and I will be happy to help you catch the next ride.


/Nicoline Durup